Driving Stoned Study

According to some roadside surveys conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as much as one in five drivers has a drug different from alcohol in their system.

Tom Marcotte, co-director of UC San Diego's Center for Cannabis Research, sit...

The administration says that cannabis showed the greatest increase between 2007 and 2014. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has stated publicly that after alcohol cannabis is the drug most commonly being involved in accidents.

There is quite a public backlash against these conclusions, with many users saying it doesn’t necessarily make you a bad driver. One San Diego woman even claimed that smoking marijuana makes her a better driver. She claimed it was all about being relaxed, and not panicking in the traffic.

In the study, people were place in a fully interactive driving simulation. Each of the people were given varying amounts of pot strengths, and then asked to take to the wheel.

The results are still to be published.

5 Reasons Why Getting Stoned Is Better Than Being Drunk

Getting drunk can be fun sometimes. But for the most part, it costs you a hangover. Why should you choose weed over drinking? Well here are 5 great reasons too.

Keep Working

You can keep working with weed. Weed even helps creativity, and some of the most successful musicians have used it. Most adult lead busy, and productive lives, and you can’t do much if you’re blind drunk. However with a little stress free ganja, you’ll be sure to have a great day.

You don’t have a problem

If you are finishing work every night, and hitting the bottle, then you probably have a serious problem. However, what about hitting the bong, and then chilling with Netflix. Who can blame you, it’s the good life.

You Can Live Your Life High

It’s easy to be high, and still be able to function in society. You can meet friends, go to your job, and even the gym when you’re high. Try doing any of that while you’re drunk, and you’ll probably get arrested.

No Violence

If you’re drinking alcohol, then you’ll probably end up getting a bit rowdy. Many people do, and some people go on to be involved in violence. With cannabis, it’s strictly peace and love. You won’t want to hurt a butterfly.

No Hangovers

You never wake up feeling regret for the night before with marijuana. You always wake up feeling good. So ditch the late night bottle and try a late night pipe instead.